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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
The Howard Carter Archives
Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 044i

Handlist description: Elaborate ornamental ring of gold and glass

Card/Transcription No.: 044-4

44 Ornamental gilt & inlaid casket. 4

4.Contents Doubtful what the original contents had been. The present contents were obviously a miscellaneous collection gathered hastily together after the robbery was discovered and thrown carelessly into the box. Indeed this box gives us the best clue yet as to the details of the tomb robbery. On the top were two objects which must obviously have been seized from the person of one of the thieves - (1) 4 pieces of gold plate open granulated work. These were bent & folded over together for convenience in handling. (2) a long shawl, in the centre of which had been twisted up a collection of eight gold rings & 2 scarabs. No thief would throw these objects away in however great a hurry he was, and he must have been apprehended with the objects on him. The objects below must have come originally from a number of boxes. Thus just a position here has no meaning.


Card no. 044-4 relating to Carter no. 044i
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