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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
The Howard Carter Archives
Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 044j

Handlist description: Gold bezel from a ring

Card/Transcription No.: 044j

44 (j) Gold bezel from a ring 24

This consisted of a hollow plate which had been set into a hollow with pin attachment. There were also remains of glue, red in colour. Max L of object 2.8: W. 1.3. To upper part of the plate there were attached a group of erect figures in gold. Consisted of - a figure of Re, seated on throne, holding ankh in right hand, & uas sceptre(?) in left: before him kneeling worshipper, flanked by two standing cynocephali: kneeling figure had arms outstretched, palm upwards towards Re, cynocephali had arms raised in ordinary position of adoration: behind Re crowned vulture, and at other end, facing, hawk with sun disk: these two stretched out their wings on either side to enclose whole group.

Treatment Washed with water. Cementing material underneath tested & found to be resin.

Card no. 044j relating to Carter no. 044j
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