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Carter No.: 044r

Handlist description: Decorated garment

Card/Transcription No.: 044r-1

44 (r) Decorated garment. 38

<> about 14 open about 10 19 27 50 about 30

<> This piece came on top of head: points at forehead Back view

This was a garment of the same type as 21 (cc). There was an opening at the top, edges of which were reinforced with coloured braid 1 wide. Lined with fine cloth. Shading shows decorated part, i.e. the part that was meant to be seen. The back view open at dotted lines. Upper part very full: would not lie flat. Meant to cover a round surface.

The garment must surely be a head covering of some kind. Protecting hawk. With it there was a linen cord 65-70 long, made by rolling up a strip of cloth


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