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Carter No.: 044w

Handlist description: Decorated robe

Card/Transcription No.: 044w-2

44 (w) Decorated Robe 2 47

The linen of which this robe was composed had decayed to such an extent that nothing could be done with the linen, and but few notes could be taken of the decoration. The body of the garment was composed of a network of diamond shape, made up of long (1.6-1.8) cylindrical faience beads, together with smaller double cylindrical beads (about .3 long) in manner shown in diagram. The long beads were apparently of two colours, green & blue ?, now black. The double beads were black. In the centre of each diamond there was a gold rosette, circ. 1.2 in diam. They were made of very think gold & were probably beaten out in a die. Each had two threading holes. Bottom border The bottom of the garment consisted of a series of drop pendants, two starting from each double bead (see diagram). Each consisted of 27 faience beads of shape <>, ending in a faience <>, .9 in diam. at bottom. These were of red, blue and white, and may have gone in pairs alternately. (cont.)

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