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Carter No.: 044w

Handlist description: Decorated robe

Card/Transcription No.: 044w-4

44 (w) cont. 4 49

rings at top instead of at sides. There were, however, not enough of these to form the border unless very widely spaced, and there were no gold cartouche plaques to go between them. At the top and the bottom of these plaques there was a line of <> beads (not on one side only as in side border plaques). These beads were slightly larger than those of the side border. Order ?

Size of garment There were 91 of the <> pendants (i.e. at least 92 originally. 30 white, 30 red & 31 blue. They hung in pairs and the pairs were separated by about 2-2.5 cm. Width of bottom border would therefore be from 80-100 cm. The decoration seems to have covered the front of the garment only, as 40-50 would be too narrow. Moreover, as beads lay, it seemed quite certain that network only lay on one side of the side border & not the other. Of the side border plaques were -


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