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Carter No.: 046o

Handlist description: Driving gauntlet (?)

Card/Transcription No.: 046o-1

46 (o) Driving gauntlet(?) 19

<> 8 Sewn 5 15 26.5 34 40 10 28 circular A

<> 23.5 4 a 19 a b 15 b

Driving gauntlet for left hand(?)

As folded lay naturally as in second diagram. Open along edges a...a b...b. When opened out took form in first diagram. Here lower part did not of course lie flat, but took a circular shape. As worn the fingers would be in the two stalls & the thumb would project at A. The flap would cover back of wrist, and the broad part would tie round arm from underneath.

The gauntlet was of rather coarse linen, with a lining of very fine linen. Open edges were rolled over and sewn.


Card no. 046o-1 relating to Carter no. 046o
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