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Carter No.: 207

Handlist description: First (outermost) shrine

Card/Transcription No.: 207-01


POSITION: Occupying practically the whole of the Burial Chamber.

DIMENSIONS: Ground - i.e. base - measurement:- L. 502 x W.334 cents. The four sides of the shrine show a batter - i.e. receding slope from the ground upwards - of about 15 mms per 1. M. vertical . Height from ground to top of cornice 270.5 cents. Max. Measurement at extreme edges of cornice:- L. 526.5 x W. 363 cents. Max. height from the ground to the top of the roof, E. and W. ends, 298 cents.

DESCRIPTION: Constructed of wood, covered with gesso, overlaid with thin sheet gold, and inlaid with blue faience (i.e. glazed pottery). It is made up of 20 separate sections - 3 roof sections, 4 cornice and frieze sections, 4 corner pieces, 6 side and end panels, 1 threshold and 2 doors, - which are mortised and tenoned together. In addition copper dowels were used at the four corners for locking and strengthening the heavy cornice and frieze sections. The tenons of wood and copper. There was no trace of seal or cord fastening found on the doors.

Card no. 207-01 relating to Carter no. 207
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