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Carter No.: 345

Handlist description: Games-box (ebony and ivory)

Card/Transcription No.: 345-03

(345 continued) 3

The playing pieces: These were found scattered about the chamber - some of them in the Antechamber (during the 1922-23 season).

2. Ivory knuckle-bones (see No. 46, X). <> Nat. size.

2. Pairs of playing-sticks, of oval form and 17.5 cents in length; resembling the sticks of the modern Arab game called 'El-Tab'(<>). One pair have their ends in the form of a human finger; the second pair have the ends in the form of fox's heads; both pairs are composed of black-ebony on the upper half, and white ivory on the lower half, thus: -

<> Nat. size repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat

Section <> details engraved & filled in with a light-yellow pigment.

Card no. 345-03 relating to Carter no. 345
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