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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 345

Handlist description: Games-box (ebony and ivory)

Card/Transcription No.: 345-08

'Seega' = Khamsawee Seega, or 'Seb'awee', or 'Tis'awee'.

The squares are called 'ayoon' (sing. 'eyn'). The playing pieces are call 'kelab' (sing. 'kelb'). One of the parties places two of his 'kelab' in the 'eyoon' marked a.a.; the other puts two of his in those marked b.b. The parties then alternately place two of his 'kelab' in any one of the 'eyoon' that he may choose, except the central 'eyn' of the Seega.

Rules: If a party desires his adversary to open to him a way, being otherwise unable to play, the latter must do so, by removing and then losing his 'kelb'.

It will be remarked that, though most of the 'kelab' are placed at random, foresight is requisite in the disposal of the remainder.

Card no. 345-08 relating to Carter no. 345
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