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Carter No.: 585

Handlist description: Wooden chest

Card/Transcription No.: 585-2

585 continued 2

On the sides and top of lid are hieroglyphic texts - (see note attached).

Unfortunately this well made and intricate chest has suffered considerably by ill-usage (seemingly) in the hands of the tomb-plunderers. The lid, beautifully hinged, has been forced back and afterwards banged down on to objects etc. with a result it has been strained and badly warped by the weight of material afterwards heaped on it. The box-like sliding compartments were wrenched open & broken by impatient hands, their valuable contents taken, the remainder left topsy turvy in utter confusion some of them partly in & partly outside the box. It is also fairly certain that a number of the smaller discarded objects found scattered in the chamber really came from this chest. From the contents (see list 585, a-dd) that were found in the chest it becomes obvious that the chest was made for knick-knacks of a boy.

To repair the internal sliding-box compartment, which has been badly broken up, it would require the whole chest to be taken to pieces as the sliding

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