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Learning Realm

Welcome to the Griffith Institute learning resources. Here you’ll find background information and documents which support the rest of our site. Whether you’re an interested adult, looking for help with a school project, or a teacher in need of classroom inspiration we hope you will find what you’re looking for here. This section of our website is very much a work in progress; we have lots of ideas for work we’d like to include here but would also love to hear what you think. Please get in touch with suggestions for additional resources you’d like to see, or if you’ve found something useful let us know at it might just make our day!

All our resources are grouped into three sections:
Make – (coming soon) gives ideas for practical things to do from salt-dough ankhs to pop-up mummies.
Look – consists of an ever growing selection of in-depth features on particular items in our archive along with suggestions for further study and activities for the more hands-on members of our audience. As researchers and academics work on our materials we’ll be asking them to contribute to this section.
Learn - while our ‘Discovering Tutankhamun’ exhibition is at the Ashmolean Museum this will provide a gallery trail featuring Griffith Institute objects; along with image banks and learning activities to do at home or in the classroom



(coming soon)