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Object card

Name of the object: Tutankhamun object card

Date: 1927.

Object information: Object record card for the Anubis-jackal shrine found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, card and black ink, 20.5 by 12.5 cm.

Archive number: TAA i.1.261.1.

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Background information: Howard Carter and the team working on the Tutankhamun excavation recorded their findings on a series of what are referred to as ‘object cards’. The information recorded on the object cards included: the object’s excavation number; the name of the object; a drawing of the object; where in the tomb the object was found; the object’s measurements; a description of the object; hieroglyphic text on the object; a list of the conservation materials used. The objects from the tomb remained in Egypt but the cards can now be studied at the Griffith Institute in Oxford.


Object activities - read what is written on the card and discuss how the information has been laid out on the card; describe the different ways of recording information used on the card e.g. words, numbers, drawings; close your eyes and describe the figure of a Anubis to a partner then check how much you remembered.

Extension activities - explore the other records for this object on the Griffith Institute website; create a card or a set of cards for a modern day object, use the information on the card to make a small model of the figure of Anubis shown on this card.

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