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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 021t

Handlist description: Leopard-skin cloak

Card/Transcription No.: 021t

21 Contents (cont.) 36

(t) Leopard skin cloak

Head of plaster covered with gold leaf. W. 14, H. 13: Max. thickness 2.

Eyes of crystal, with details in paint underneath(?). Whites with red in corners: pupils outlined in black, within red with black spot. Eye frames, brows, drops & nose of blue glass inlay. One piece of inlay missing. All round under edge 13 threading holes, very irregularly spaced.

Body of cloth with tapestry woven designs (colours?). Shape & size(?). Tail width 3.5. Length?

Claws of silver. Each claw had a hole pierced in top end to fasten to cloth. Width of forepaw 3.8.

The spots on the skin represented by 5 point stars of gold. These were hollow, of thin sheet gold, 1.5 wide from tip to tip. In each tip a threading hole. Stars irregularly placed about 2.5 apart.

Treatment: Sprayed with solution of celluloid in amylacetate.

Treated with strong spray of celluloid solution in amylacetate.

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