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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 256

Handlist description: King's mummy

Card/Transcription No.: 256-3

256 3

black pitch-like material already mentioned and are so strongly adherent that they cannot easily be removed. The mummy occupies the entire interior of the coffin: it measures from the crown of the head of the mask to the feet 183 cms. As the mask cannot be removed at present the length of the mummy itself cannot be taken (see note at end) After the requisite photographic records had been made all removable portions of the mask, the hands with insignia, the winged goddess and the trapping as far as possible were removed to avoid all danger of damage, the mummy being thus bared with the exception of the mask. 256 As far as it is possible to see at present the outer wrappings of the mummy consist of a single large sheet held in position by three longitudinal and four transverse linen bandages, corresponding and situated underneath, the inlaid gold trappings already described (see photographs). These bandages have evidently been fastened by means of an adhesive to the linen sheet (see Herodotus ii, 86)

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