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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 256a

Handlist description: Gold mask of the King

Card/Transcription No.: 256a-4

256 A. Gold Mask of the King 4

The collarette has shoulder pieces in the form of hawks' heads which like the collarette are of gold and are inlaid with obsidian (eyes), and lapis lazuli-coloured glass (facial markings); the beak is of obsidian. On the back extension of the mask engraved is a text (see note attached). Beard Fixed to the chin a conventional beard of gold inlaid with lapis lazuli glass (decomposed to grey tint) to imitate the plaited beard of Osiris. Necklaces Around the neck and auxiliary to it a triple necklace having clasps in the form of lotus flowers and uraei. Upper necklace - large disc-shaped beads of yellow and red gold and dark blue faience; middle necklace: - large disc-shaped beads of yellow gold; lower necklace: - similar to upper necklace. (See photo) Scarab A Scarab: Black resin mounted in a gold funda. The back of the scarab is of the typical XVIIIth Dyn. form with the elytra marked: note a circular spot on the thorax above the junction of the elytra. On the base is an inscription

Card no. 256a-4 relating to Carter no. 256a
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