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Carter No. Description in Murray-Nuttall Handlist No. of
021h Sandal of leather (pair to 021i) 1/0
021i Sandal of leather (pair to 021h) 1/2
054y Sandal shaped object of leather (?) covered with gold leaf 1/0
085c Leather sandal 2/4
100d Inner sole of sandal, of leather (?) 1/0
101y(2) A few fragments of strip leather 1/0
117b Leather from chariot 2/3
119a Pieces of leather and gold decoration from chariot 1/9
122rrrr A number of pins of bronze covered with gold, attached to the leather, from chariot 122 2/0
139 Folding (?) stool of ebony, ivory, gold and leather 5/3
140 Folding (?) stool of ebony, ivory, gold and leather 1/5
270a Pair of sandal-like slippers of leather embellished with gold and bead work 1/1
585p Fragments of some 10 to 12 bracelets of leather 1/1
585z Leather gloves, leather and linen arm protectors, for archery 1/0
587a Leather cuirass 3/1
619 Group of gold open-work ornaments, gold wire, and decayed leather 1/0
620(58) Instrument (? for leather work) 1/1

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