Theban tomb tracings
made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Catalogue: Helen Murray, Elizabeth Fleming and Alison Hobby
Editing: Hana Navrátilová and Jaromir Malek
Scanning: Jenni Navratil, assisted by Hana Navrátilová
Photo-editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. TT 65, Nebamun, Overseer of the Granary. Usurped by Imiseba, Head of the temple-scribes of the estate of Amun.
Temp. Hatshepsut and Ramesses IX

Broad Hall

i2.130(3) Ramesses IX censes barque of Amun-Re carried by priests and followed by Hathor holding uraeus sceptres.

Davies MSS. 10.23.22A
(pencil tracing)
Detail, King censes barque of Amun-Re, PM i2, 130(3).

Davies MSS. 10.23.22B
(pencil tracing)
Detail, barque of Amun-Re carried by priests, PM i2, 130(3).

Davies MSS. 10.23.22C
(pencil tracing)
Detail, barque of Amun-Re, and Hathor, PM i2, 130(3).

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