Theban tomb tracings
made by Norman and Nina de Garis Davies

Concept and direction: Jaromir Malek
Catalogue: Helen Murray, Elizabeth Fleming and Alison Hobby
Editing: Hana Navrátilová and Jaromir Malek
Scanning: Jenni Navratil, assisted by Hana Navrátilová
Photo-editing: Jenni Navratil
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. TT 65, Nebamun, Overseer of the Granary. Usurped by Imiseba, Head of the temple-scribes of the estate of Amun.
Temp. Hatshepsut and Ramesses IX.

The tracings are presented here according to the walls of the tomb. The arrangement follows B. Porter, R. L. B. Moss and E. W. Burney, Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Reliefs and Paintings i2 (The Theban Necropolis) Part 1 (Private Tombs) 129-32.

Broad Hall.

i2.129(2) Four registers (some with sub-registers). I, Imiseba with attendants offers bouquets before altars, and prostrate Nubians with tribute consisting of gold, plants, etc. II, Decorated vases (including ibexes, horses, dog, gold, ostrich feathers, animal skins, plants) and jars. III, Decorated vases (including Asiatics, Nubians, head of Bes), jars, sacks, and fruit. IV, bowls. Tracings

i2.130(3) Ramesses IX censes barque of Amun-Re carried by priests and followed by Hathor holding uraeus sceptres. Tracings

i2.130(4) Ramesses IX censes and libates with bouquet and offerings to barque on stand with twelve statues of deceased kings, all in kiosk with two floral colonnettes. Tracings

i2.130(5) Imiseba with hymn to Osiris, followed by wife, parents, and other relatives with flowers, censes and libates to Osiris and Maet. Sub-scene, industries including leather-workers and sculptors. Tracings

i2.131 Frieze above 130(5). Tracings

i2.130(6) Three registers. I, Man offers to Queen in palace-window. II, Remains of female tumblers. III, Earlier relief, offerings before temple(?). Tracings

i2.130(7) Ramesses IX censes and libates before barques of Theban triad carried by priests (superimposed on earlier relief), and three registers behind the King, I statues of deities followed by priests. II, priests (two carrying royal statuette) and drummer. III [courtiers]. (Incomplete) Tracings

i2.130-1(8) and (9) Theban triad in kiosk, Imiseba with libation and offerings before them with litany to Amun-Re above and (behind Imiseba) harpist, clapper(?), lutist, portable statuettes of [Ahmosi Nefertere] in shrine and Amenophis I in palanquin, and four registers. I, priests in procession of Vase of Amun (including royal statuette carried), and II-IV, men bringing provisions (including remains of 'weighing thread' (?) before Treasury of the Temple of Amun in III). Sub-scene, female relatives seated. Tracings

i2.131 Ceiling. Tracings

Inner Room.

i2.131(10) Outer jambs of inner room, dressed djed-pillar on left jamb, Osiris emblem on right jamb. Tracings

i2.131(11) Two registers. I, five barques of Re (with Imiseba adoring in two). II, Three remaining scenes, 1, Imiseba and wife before Osiris with Isis and Nephthys, 2, Imiseba and wife before Nefertem-emblem and shrine, 3, Imiseba and man before barque of Sokari. Tracings

i2.131(12) Two registers, Book of Gates. I, Five barques of Re, one with baboon adoring Khepri, and four with Imiseba adoring. II, Five scenes, 1, Nephthys and Isis adore sun-disk, 2, sun-disk with four squatting divinities, 3, Imiseba adores benu bird, 4, Akru, 5, double scene, Imiseba adores gate. Tracings

i2.132 Frieze, Emblems and djed-pillars, belonging to 131(11)-(12) Tracings

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