Howard Carter's notes on various topics
made in preparation of the complete publication
of Tutankhamun's tomb

TAA. i.3 and i.2.10

Concept & Direction: Jaromir Malek
Scanning: Kent Rawlinson, Jenni Navratil
Transcription and editing:
Sue Hutchison, Elizabeth Fleming, Diana Magee, Lindsay Allen, Alison Hobby, Cat Warsi, Andrew Hogan, Jaromir Malek
Coordination: Elizabeth Fleming

Boats (TAA i.3.1)
Botanical (TAA i.3.2)
Bow-case (TAA i.3.3)
Calcite (TAA i.3.4)
Canopic equipment (TAA i.3.5)
Caskets (TAA i.3.6 = notes by Nina de Garis Davies, two small watercolour sketches and a line-drawing, not scanned or transcribed here)
Chair 351 (TAA i.3.7)
Chariots (TAA i.3.8)
Chemistry (TAA i.3.9)
Coffin: third (innermost), of gold (TAA i.3.10)
Collars (TAA i.3.11)
Figures of deities, etc. (TAA i.3.12)
Gesso (TAA i.3.13)
Gold (TAA i.3.14)
Headdress (TAA i.3.15 = cutting from ILN, Feb. 10, 1934, not scanned or transcribed here)
Magical figures (TAA i.3.16)
Materials (TAA i.3.17 = offprint of A. Lucas's article on Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries about 1350 B.C., from The Analyst, Nov. 1933, not scanned or transcribed here)
King's body and objects found on ("Mummy") (TAA i.3.18)
TAA i.3.19, now Carter MSS. I.J.389.
TAA i.3.20, now Carter MSS. I.J.388.
Pall and its support (TAA i.3.21)
Seal impressions (TAA i.3.22)
Shrines. General notes and the third and fourth (innermost) shrines (TAA i.3.23)
Shrines: first (outermost) shrine (TAA i.3.24)
Shrines: second shrine (TAA i.3.25)
Shrines: third shrine (TAA i.3.26)
Shrines: fourth (innermost) shrine (TAA i.3.27)
Objects between sarcophagus and shrines (TAA i.3.28)
Shawabti figures (TAA i.3.29)
Textiles (TAA i.3.30)
Tomb and tomb plan (TAA i.3.31)
Trumpets (TAA i.3.32 = cutting from The Listener, 19 December 1946, not scanned or transcribed here)
Weapons (TAA i.3.33)

Notes on various objects and early drafts of Chapters iii, The Annexe, and v, The Main Cause of Deterioration and Chemical Changes [etc.], of The Tomb of Tut.ankh.Amen, iii. (TAA i.2.10)

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