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Carter No.: 039

Handlist description: Solid ebony chair (for a child)

Card/Transcription No.: 039-1

39 Solid Ebony Chair (for a child) I

Position: Under tail end of Lion Couch (No. 35). In original position, though disturbed.

Dimensions: Max. H. 71.0; Max. depth, front to back, 39.0; Max. W. 37.0.

Description: Solid ebony child's chair, overlaid and inlaid with ivory, with studded rivots and panels (in arms) in gold. The construction is almost exactly similar to chair no. 87, though in details of ornamentation it differs. The sloping curved back, supported behind by three plain upright slats, is inlaid with a geometrical pattern. The gilt panels of the both the arms are decorated on the outside with a wounded oryx and desert plant, surrounded by scroll pattern, and on the inside a simple desert plant device, surrounded by the common rectangular pattern. The legs of feline designs have connecting rails and open trellis work between. The curved seat is formed of five slats fitted into the framework.

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