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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 044a

Handlist description: Four pieces of open-work plate gold, with designs in granules

Card/Transcription No.: 044a-1

7 44 (a) Four pieces of open work plate gold, with designs in granules.

<> 8.5 3.3 6.2

Openwork panel, originally sewn to a garment? No threading holes or rings of attachment anywhere, but threads could have been fastened to details of the openwork.

Design. Edges of the two ends were plain. Those of top and bottom consisted of rows of tiny applied rosettes between lines of applied wire. Centre panel consisted of three animals, a bull below, and above a cow(?) and a leopard. These curiously mixed: not in perspective. Separated from this centre panel by bars there were two side panels, each representing an ibex(?) feeding from a plant. Background above animals in centre panel a separate applied piece, at back overlapping main piece. On this plant design.

Main outlines of animals cut out: details in applied granules, many of them infinitesimally small.


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