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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
The Howard Carter Archives
Photographs by Harry Burton
List of Objects
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Carter No. Description in Murray-Nuttall Handlist No. of
250 Painted wooden djad emblem 2/3
251 Deposit of rags and chips of wood 1/1
252 Linen sheet covering coffin 253 1/0
252a Another linen sheet, under 252 1/0
253 First (outermost) coffin 11/9
253a Wooden bier 1/1
254 Second coffin 8/22
254a Garland from over chest and abdomen 2/0
254a(1) Wreath from around vulture and uraeus over forehead 1/0
254b Shroud 1/0
255 Third (innermost) coffin of gold 11/23
255a Pectoral garland 3/0
255b Shrouds 2/0
256 King's mummy 6/68
256a Gold mask of the King 8/24
256b External trappings of the mummy 18/7
256b(1) Hands of burnished gold 5/0
256b(2) Gold pectoral ba-bird 3/0
256b(3) Two longitudinal and four transverse bands. Longitudinal bands 10/0
256b(4) Ornamental side strap 5/0
256c Y-shaped amulet of gold 1/1
256d Oval plaque of gold 1/1
256e Gold vulture collar 1/2
256f Gold collar with vulture and cobra 1/1
256g Gold cobra collar 1/1
256h Gold hawk collar 1/0
256i Two hawk collars 5/1
256j Apron (gold, inlaid) 3/2
256k Dagger and sheath 3/5
256l Girdle of sheet gold 2/4
256m T-shaped amulet in gold 1/1
256n Gold wristlet 1/2
256o Collar of faience bead-work 2/0
256p Gold hawk collar 1/2
256q Black resin scarab suspended on gold (beaten) wire 3/1
256r Uraeus insignia of diadem 256,4,o 2/0
256s Vulture-head insignia of diadem 256,4,o 1/0
256t Gold hawk collar 1/2
256u Gold circlet 1/1
256v Gold circlet 1/1
256w Gold circlet 1/1
256x Bracelet 2/4
256y Beads 1/0
256z Hawk collar in cloisonné work 5/1
256aa(1) Hawk collar 3/2
256aa(2) Hawk collar 1/1
256bb Beadwork 2/0
256cc Gold circlet 1/1
256dd Dagger in gold and cloisonné work 3/6
256ee Girdle of sheet gold 2/3
256ff Group of five finger rings 3/3
256gg Gold hawk collar 1/2
256hh(1) Amuletic bracelet with barrel-shaped lapis lazuli bead 1/1
256hh(2) Amuletic bracelet with udjat eye of iron 1/1
256hh(3) Amuletic bracelet with inscribed barrel-shaped red chalcedony (poor quality carnelian) bead 2/1
256ii No object for this number 1/0
256jj Four gold circlets 1/1
256kk Djad amulet (emblem of Osiris) 2/1
256ll Gold sandals and gold toe and finger stalls 1/2
256mm Gold wire bangle 1/1
256nn Beadwork appendage to 256 eee 3/0
256oo Udjat eye bracelet 2/4
256pp Gold bracelet 2/4
256qq Bracelet 3/4
256rr Gold bracelet 1/4
256ss Scarab bracelet 2/4
256ssbis Bracelet 1/4
256tt Amuletic knot in gold 1/1
256uu Swallow in carnelian, on gold bracelet 3/3
256vv Group of finger rings 5/3
256ww Gold bracelet 1/4
256xx Bracelet 1/5
256yy Bracelet 2/5
256zz Bracelet 1/4
256aaa Bracelet 1/5
256bbb Finger ring 1/3
256ccc Gold finger ring 1/3
256ddd Bracelet, lapis lazuli and gold 1/5
256eee Tail found below legs of mummy 2/4
256fff Tyet amulet 2/1
256ggg Wadj amulet 1/1
256hhh Djad amulet (emblem of Osiris) 1/1
256iii Double-leaf amulet 3/1
256iiibis Djet serpent amulet 2/1
256jjj Leaf amulet 2/1
256kkk Amuletic knot of gold 1/1
256lll Gold cobra collar 1/1
256mmm Vulture collar 4/1
256nnn Collar with vulture and cobra 6/1
256ooo Pectoral (gold, inlaid) 3/6
256ppp Pectoral (gold, inlaid) 3/3
256qqq Pectoral (gold, inlaid) 2/4
256rrr Blue faience udjat eye (of pectoral type) 3/1
256sss String of cylindrical and disk beads 2/0
256ttt Bead collar with flexible gold hawk-headed clasps 2/0
256uuu Pectoral (gold, inlaid) 2/4
256vvv Pectoral (gold, inlaid) 2/4
256www Small amuletic bracelet 1/1
256xxx Anubis amulet 1/0
256yyy Horus amulet 2/0
256zzz Serpent-headed amulet 2/0
256,4,a Thoth amulet 2/0
256,4,b Wadj amulet 2/0
256,4,c Large bead 1/0
256,4,d Gold chain 1/0
256,4,e Group of five pectoral clasps and pendants 1/0
256,4,f Human-headed winged uraeus 3/1
256,4,g Double uraeus 3/1
256,4,h Vulture amulet (of Fulvus griffin vulture type) 3/1
256,4,i Vulture amulet (of Fulvus griffin vulture type) 3/1
256,4,i,bis Vulture amulet 3/1
256,4,j Vulture amulet 3/1
256,4,k Uraeus amulet 3/1
256,4,l Vulture amulet 3/1
256,4,m Collar of four strings of beads 1/1
256,4,n Two fibrous fillets bound with string 1/0
256,4,o Diadem 5/10
256,4,p Gold temple band 1/3
256,4,p,bis Linen head-dress 1/0
256,4,q Uraeus insignia of head-dress 2/3
256,4,r Vulture insignia of head-dress 1/3
256,4,s Sheet gold temple band 3/2
256,4,t Skull-cap of fine cambric-like linen 3/0
256,4,u Linen pad of conical shape 1/1
256,4,v Iron amuletic head-rest 1/1
257 Niche containing Osiris figure 3/3
258 Niche containing recumbent figure of Anubis 4/2
259 Niche containing wooden shawabti-like figure 3/2
260 Niche containing wooden djad emblem 3/3
261 Recumbent figure of the jackal Anubis, on shrine, with sledge and carrying poles 8/15
261a Outer linen covering 3/7
261b Under linen covering 1/2
261c Floral collars 1/0
261d Neck scarf 1/4
261e(1) Some pieces of rag and fragments of gold, carnelian, and glass 1/1
261e(2) Blue faience foreleg of animal of bovine family, wrapped in linen 1/1
261e(3) Blue faience foreleg of animal of bovine family, wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(1) Small wooden figure of shawabti form, wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(2) Blue faience foreleg of animal of bovine family, wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(3) Blue faience foreleg of animal of bovine family, wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(4) Blue faience figure of Horus (standing) wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(5) Small wooden figure of shawabti form, wrapped in linen 2/1
261f(6) Blue faience wadj sceptre, wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(7) Blue faience pedestal for figure 261f(4) wrapped in linen 1/1
261f(8) Five pieces of red resin tied up in linen 1/0
261g(1) Some fragments of linen 1/2
261g(2) Blue faience figure of Thoth (squatting) 1/1
261g(3) Beeswax figure of a heron 1/1
261h Two small alabaster cups (beaker form) 2/2
261i Djad pectoral 3/3
261j Scarab pectoral 4/4
261k Djad amulet 2/3
261l Centre piece (clasp) of girdle or bracelet 3/4
261m Large pectoral 4/6
261n Pectoral of pylon form 3/4
261o Pectoral of Osiris 3/3
261p(1) Pectoral of Nut 5/3
261p(2) Pectoral with Isis and Nephthys 3/1
261p(3) Vulture pectoral 2/2
261q Fragment of broken clay seal 2/3
261r Small linen bundle 1/0
262 Ivory palette of Meritaton 3/3
263 Reed torch upon sun-dried brick 3/2
264 Cow's head upon pedestal 2/14
265 Three calcite tazze 2/12
266 Wooden canopy on sledge with statues of Isis, Nephthys, Neith and Selket 17/43
266a Wooden canopic chest with representations of goddesses on sides 10/21
266b Alabaster (calcite) canopic box on sledge covered with linen sheet 14/11
266c Lid of canopic jar 1/3
266d Lid of canopic jar 1/8
266e Lid of canopic jar 1/3
266f Lid of canopic jar 1/3
266g Four miniature gold coffins 5/25
267 Casket of ivory and ebony 6/12
267a Breast ornament in form of the prenomen of the King 2/1
267b Counterpoise (clasp) ornament from (?) pectoral 2/1
267c Lid of an inlaid gold box worked à jour 2/1
267d Lunar and solar breast ornament 2/2
267e Counterpoise and clasp of (?) pectoral ornament 2/2
267f Wax model of a heron 2/0
267g Flexible pectoral with suspension chains and counterpoise clasp 4/5
267h Flexible pectoral with suspension chains and counterpoise clasp 4/4
267i Breast ornament in form of vulture 2/1
267j Counterpoise (clasp) of pectoral ornament 2/2
267k Open-work breast ornament 2/1
267l Pectoral ornament representing the birth of the sun 3/4
267m(1) Breast ornament in form of solar hawk 2/2
267m(2) Necklace 2/1
267n Pectoral ornament 2/4
267o Breast ornament in form of vulture 2/1
267p Breast ornament in form of the prenomen of the King 1/1
267q Pectoral of the King, Ptah and Sakhmet 2/2
268 Ornamental casket 3/19
269 Casket of cartouche form 7/14
269a Small box 0/1
269a(1) Pair of ear-rings 2/3
269a(2) Pair of ear-rings 2/3
269a(3) Pair of ear-rings 2/2
269a(4) Scarab of hard green stone 1/0
269a(5) Pair of ear-rings 2/1
269a(6) Pair of ear-rings 2/1
269b Mirror case in form of ankh sign 3/4
269c(1) Shawl (?) 1/0
269c(2) Fine cambric-like linen shawl 1/0
269c(3) Linen shawl 1/0
269d Hekat sceptre 2/3
269e Nekhekh flagellum 2/3
269f Nekhekh flagellum 2/3
269g Bracelet of large scarab 3/4
269h Hekat sceptre 2/2
269i Counterpoise (clasp) and chains of pectoral 267q 3/3
269j Counterpoise (clasp) and chains of pectoral 267q 3/3
269k Pectoral ornament (or decoration) of lunar orb and crescent 4/5
269l Small pad 1/2
269m Amethyst scarab bracelet 2/4
269n Gold bracelet 2/4
269o Bead-work ornament resembling stole 1/3
270 Wooden box painted white with vaulted lid 2/16
270a Pair of sandal-like slippers of leather embellished with gold and bead work 1/1
270b Lid of box 269a 1/2
270c Stone anklet (? schist) 1/0
271 Ornamental casket 4/16
271a Square basket 1/1
271b Ivory palette 3/1
271c Mirror case 2/3
271d Mirror case 2/3
271e(1) Reed pen case 2/0
271e(2) Gold palette 3/0
271f Ivory bowl 2/1
271g Ivory object (? burnisher for papyrus) 2/1
271h Finger ring 3/0
272 Wooden box with vaulted lid 4/15
272a The King's fan 1/2
272b Three fruits of persea (Mimusops Schimperi) 1/0
273 Model boat 4/2
274 Two strainers 1/3
275 Black shrine-like chest 1/8
275a Statuette of the King as the young Horus 1/2
275b Statuette of the King 1/3
275c Statuette of the King upon a reed float 1/4
275d Statuette of the King 1/4
275e Statuette of the King upon a reed float 1/1
276 Model ship with rigging and sails 4/8
277 Model granary 3/7
278 Heap of wooden chips (showing traces of gilding) 1/8
279 Plain wooden box 2/7
279a Model Mola Trustilis (symbolic of the trituration of grain) 1/1
280 Black shrine-like chest 1/6
280a Statuette of Imsety 3/2
281 Black shrine-like chest 1/7
281a Statuette of Mamu 4/3
282 Black shrine-like chest 2/7
282a Figure of Shu 3/2
283 Square wooden chest 2/12
283a Serpent named Netjer-ankh 2/2
283b Sopdu on standard 2/2
283c Gemehsu standard 2/2
284 Model boat 4/7
285 Model boat (solar bark) 3/10
286 Model boat (solar bark) 2/7
287 Model boat 2/10
288 Black oblong box containing germinating figure of Osiris 1/11
288a Figure of Osiris 4/3
289 Black shrine-like chest 1/11
289a Statuette of the King upon a leopard 2/5
289b Statuette of the King upon a leopard 2/12
289c Figure of the King as the infant Horus 1/2
290 Black shrine-like chest 1/9
290a Figure of the god Atum 2/3
291 Black shrine-like chest 1/5
291a Figure of the god Ptah 6/5
292 Black shrine-like chest 1/2
292a Figure of the god Tatanen 1/3
293 Black shrine-like chest 1/12
293a Figure of the hawk-headed god Harwer 2/4
294 Black shrine-like chest 1/6
294a Figure of the goddess Send 1/4
295 Black shrine-like chest 1/1
295a Figure of the goddess Isis 1/6
296 Black shrine-like chest 1/4
296a Figure of Menkaret supporting the King 2/5
296b Figure of the King 1/4
297 Black shrine-like chest 1/8
297a Figure of the god Kheperyu 2/4
298 Black shrine-like chest 1/1
298a Figure of Horus of Letopolis 3/4
299 Black shrine-like chest 1/1
299a Figure of the god Geb 3/4
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