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Carter No.: 253

Handlist description: First (outermost) coffin

Card/Transcription No.: 253-10

253. Shell of First(outermost) Coffin

L. 2.24; Max. W. 0.84; Max. depth 0.68, metres.

Note: the details upon the bottom show that the khat linen head-dress was intended.

The shell like the lid of the coffin is made of wood and heavily gesso-gilt, the decoration being of Rishi (i.e., feathered type), with upon the centre of its sides the wings of the auxiliary design - the tutelary goddesses, Isis and Nephthys.

Around the upper margin of the sides, the following text, commencing at the right shoulder of the anthropoid form, and reading from L. to R. and R. to L., thus: <> <>

(R. shoulder) <> wing of goddess. <> ? (R. foot-end)

(R. shoulder) <> (centre of head end).

Commencing at left shoulder of the anthropoid form, and reading from L. to R. and R. to L. thus <> <>

(L. shoulder) <> (?)(centre of head end)

(L. shoulder) <> wing of goddess <> vulture head (L. foot-end)

On the foot end seven horizontal lines of text reading: (1) <> (2) <> (3) <> (4) <> (5) <> sic (6) <> (7) <>

The interior of the coffin is covered with epitomised Coffin Texts, with usual geometric details on bottom. On the upper edges of the shell are 10 mortice holes to receive the silver tenons fixed to the lid.

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