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Carter No.: 256,4,m

Handlist description: Collar of four strings of beads

Card/Transcription No.: 256-4m

256, 4.M. A collar of four strings of beads.

POSITION: NECK: round front of throat. Forms sixth and last group on neck, over a few wrappings before reaching the flesh.

DIMENSIONS: L. 17 cents. (each string of beads)

DESCRIPTION: An amuletic collar of four strings of beads, of green, violet, black glass and gold; 171 in number, strung in the following order: gold, green glass, gold, black or violet glass, gold, green glass, and gold repeated.

REMARKS: This small collar of beads seems to be of purely amuletic character. Cf. Lacau, Sarcophages, pls. LII. 458, coffin, 28037 (46). <> (?)

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