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Carter No.: 256,4,q

Handlist description: Uraeus insignia of head-dress

Card/Transcription No.: 256-4q-1

256, 4.Q. Uazet (Uraeus) Insignia of Khat Headdress. 1

POSITION: Sewn to linen nemes-headdress over forehead and crown of head as far back as the lambda

DIMENSIONS: H. of uraeus 6.3; L. of flexible body and tail 18. cents

DESCRIPTION: Gold w3dt uazet uraeus; head of violet blue faience; eyes inlaid with obsidian with gold eyelids; remainder inlaid with lapis lazuli, turquoise (decayed) and carnelian coloured glass, and carnelian (quartz). The body and tail are made up of gold segments (twelve in number) so as to take the form of the headdress (or head). These twelve segments are fixed by a central thread and violet glass border. Head of uraeus fixed to segments of body and tail by ring and eyelets through which is a piece of gold (beaten) wire. At the end of the rigid head portion are two eyelets for sewing to the fabric of the headdress. At the end of the last tail segment an eyelet for sewing to the fabric of the headdress.

<> tail eyelet violet glass beads gold segment thread of linen " " " " " "

<> central thread thread for beads gold wire termination of head portion

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