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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 256

Handlist description: King's mummy

Card/Transcription No.: 256-4

256 4

The bandages are double: they vary from 7 to 9 cms in width: the central longitudinal bandage commences about the middle of the abdomen, passes under the lower layer of each of the three transverse bandages, over the feet, under the soles and returns below the second layer of the transverse bandages. At each side of the feet the linen wrapping has been badly rubbed probably from friction against the sides of the coffin during transport in ancient times. The mummy lies at a slight angle in the coffin suggesting movement either during transport or when the coffin was lowered into the sarcophagus. The linen wrappings of the mummy even in those places not covered by the "libation" is in a very fragile and powdery state.

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