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Carter No.: 256a

Handlist description: Gold mask of the King

Card/Transcription No.: 256a-6

256, A. Gold Mask of the King 6

The scarab hung pendant to the neck, by means of ornamental straps and long thick linen cord and was attached to the side clasps of the necklaces, around the base of the uraei. The ornamental straps of the scarab are made up of odd parts of the trappings of Smenkh-ka-Ra similar to those of the side trappings found on the exterior decoration (256, B) of Tut ankh Amen's mummy. On their backs are parts of a 'Heart Text' which included the cartouche <> of Smenkh-ka-Ra. They are threaded together with green, red, and dark blue faience tubular beads intermixed with gold tubular beads, which like the plaques have no particular order and are obviously odd pieces and beads used. The inscriptions that occur on the back of the plaques, read:


See 256 B. Side straps

Card no. 256a-6 relating to Carter no. 256a
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