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Carter No.: 256f

Handlist description: Gold collar with vulture and cobra

Card/Transcription No.: 256f

256, F. Gold collar of Buto and Nekhbet

POSITION: Thorax: Upper left side, high up over pectoral muscle. Second collar of group I (i.e., E.,F, G, H).

DIMENSIONS: <> 11.5 29.5 10

DESCRIPTION: A Collar of Buto and Nekhbet, cut out of sheet gold, with details finely chased. Talons of Nekhbet hold shen-symbols. Attached to tips of wings by means of gold (beaten) wire a Macnht

REMARKS: cf. Lacau, Sarcophages, pl. LI, 435, coffin 28037 (71). <> wsh (collar) of Nbti cf. Winlock and Mace, Tomb of Senebtisi, p. 64 ff.

Card no. 256f relating to Carter no. 256f
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