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Carter No.: 256ll

Handlist description: Gold sandals and gold toe and finger stalls

Card/Transcription No.: 256ll

256, LL. Gold Sandals (and Gold Toe and Finger-stalls)

Position: Upon feet. (see photo).

DIMENSIONS: L. of sandals 29.5; Max. W. 10.3 cents. (Note L. of right foot of mummy from extreme back of heel to tip of great toe 24.2)

DESCRIPTION: Made of sheet gold, the soles chased to imitate rushwork, the detail upon the instep straps to imitate cording (see photo). The inside borders of the soles are pierced with three holes for a purpose unknown. The central strap passed between the first and second toe. The heels, edges and toes of the soles had been folded over so as not to take up too much room in wrapping the mummy. ------------------------------------------------------------- Upon each toe and upon each finger a gold stall, with details such as the nails and first knuckles engraved upon them. These stalls were made so as to fit each individual digit and thus accordingly vary in size. Each toe and finger were separately wrapped in fine linen bandages before the stalls were placed upon them.

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