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Carter No.: 256oo

Handlist description: Udjat eye bracelet

Card/Transcription No.: 256oo-1

256, OO. Wd3t-Eye-bracelet.
(See 256, AAA.)

POSITION: Right forearm, second from elbow of group: X, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, and SS bis.

DIMENSIONS: L. 16.2; W. 2.7.; eye 6.4 x 3.6 cents. (See note attached.).

DESCRIPTION: Carnelian uzat-eye inlaid in gold cloisonné upon bead-work bracelet of nine rows of gold, faience and glass beads - their colours being dark blue, green and red. This bead work is kept in place by means of six gold spacers imitating the gold beads - (For details see note attached). Engraved on the back of the gold casing of the eye <>. In front of the eye an uraeus supporting the Up. and Low. Eg. crowns.

REMARKS: The remounting of the beads is not quite correct: instead of four gold beads between spacers and red faience beads there should be the normal number and the remainder worked between last spacers and fastenings.

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