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Carter No.: 256uu

Handlist description: Swallow in carnelian, on gold bracelet

Card/Transcription No.: 256uu-1

256, UU. MNT-bird in carnelian and gold bracelet 1

POSITION: Left arm, near elbow (fallen in debris). (See 256 WWW)

DIMENSIONS: Max. L. of bird 4.1 cents. Diam. of bracelet 5.2 cents.

DESCRIPTION: A <> (MNT)-bird in carnelian, supporting the solar-orb over rump; and mounted upon a small gold bracelet having two lapis lazuli and one (?)stone beads opposite the bird. The bracelet is made of two pieces upon swivel so that they twist to open. The Ment-bird in carnelian is an exquisite piece of workmanship, the details and districts of the feathers of the wings and tail being finely engraved, likewise the beak and eye. It has a hole (loop-form) at the back for attachment.

REMARKS: It was found in the debris of decayed linen bandages near the left elbow, and as the bird seems to have been attached to its bracelet by means of thread it is probably the reason why it had fallen away; though I do not think it

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