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Carter No.: 256z

Handlist description: Hawk collar in cloisonné work

Card/Transcription No.: 256z-1

256, Z. COLLAR OF HORUS - in cloisonné-work. 1

(see 256, MMM, NNN)

POSITION: Thorax: centre; tail reaching nearly down to umbilicus; head over centre of chest; wings extending up and over clavicles.

DIMENSIONS: See note attached.

DESCRIPTION: <>, 'Collar of Horus'. Made up of elaborate cloisoné plaques engraved and numbered on back, inlaid with opaque coloured glass on front. Has Mcnht attached by means of gold (beaten) wire: This was below the nape of the neck of the mummy. Each plaque has eyelets to thread them together by means of bead borders - which held the different `districts' of the bird together. The 'districts' of the bird are divided up as follows: - Head, body, legs and tail = 1 plaque = 1 plaque 'Primaries' R. 3 L. 3 = 6 plaques 'Secondaries' 7 6 = 13 " 'Coverts' 3 3 = 6 "

For details see notes and photos attached

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