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Carter No.: 261p(2)

Handlist description: Pectoral with Isis and Nephthys

Card/Transcription No.: 261p2-1


Max. H. 12.2, Max. W. 13.4, cms.

An open-work pectoral of pylonic form with following device: - The goddesses Isis (right) and Nephthys (left) standing with open wings and shielding(?) an osiride form of Tut-ankh-Amen, which has been wrenched away by the metal-robbers. The inscriptions over the two goddesses on either side of the solar disc read: <> (right) <> (left) which lead one to believe the king was here represented in some form and in a material of value, since it was broken away by the thieves.

The pectoral has been badly damaged and was originally curved.

The fastenings are pierced for two suspension strings only.

For materials employed see note A. L.

See 261, P (1) note.

Card no. 261p2-1 relating to Carter no. 261p(2)
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