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Carter No.: 265

Handlist description: Three calcite tazze

Card/Transcription No.: 265-1

265. THREE CALCITE TAZZE (see photo)

POSITION Placed before (west) canopic shrine (266) in centre, behind cow's head (264).

(a) North side. Made in three pieces, namely a pedestal, a shallow bowl fitting on top of pedestal and a second similar bowl as cover. The three pieces have been luted with beeswax, but are now separate.

DIMENS: pedestal H. 24.3 cms. Diam. bottom 9.5 cms. diam. top 6.0 cms. bowls diam. 15.5; cms

CONTENTS: appearance: a mixture of fine powder with slightly coherent lumps; white in colour with slight brownish tint on surface. Composition - the material which consists of a mass of fine crystals is natron containing a small portion of common salt and a small proportion of sulphate of soda. (A. L.)

(b) Centre (without cover). Similar to 265A, but empty and cover missing, if it ever had one. Bowl luted to pedestal

Card no. 265-1 relating to Carter no. 265
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