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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
The Howard Carter Archives
Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 266b

Handlist description: Alabaster (calcite) canopic box on sledge covered with linen sheet

Card/Transcription No.: 266b-06


Inscribed on each panel between the goddesses are the words spoken by them: - on the west side the formulae of Isis and Imsety, Nephthys and Hepy; on the south side the formulae of Isis and Imsety, Neith and Qebeh-senuef; on the north side the formulae of Nephthys and Hepy, Selket and Dua-mutef; while on the east side only those of Neith and Selket their genii not being mentioned. Round the frieze beginning at the centre of the west side (front) are speeches of Isis and Nephthys, the genius Hepy only mentioned. On the front and back above the inscriptions is a winged solar-disc, and on the fore-part of the pent-roof a kneeling winged figure of Nut. These inscriptions are incised and filled in with black pigment.

Card no. 266b-06 relating to Carter no. 266b
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