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Carter No.: 267n

Handlist description: Pectoral ornament

Card/Transcription No.: 267n-1

267, N. PECTORAL ORNAMENT (See 267, E)

Max. H. 12.5, Max. W. 13.0, cms.

A large and intricate pectoral ornament. The device incorporates a play on the king's prenomen: The winged Kheper beetle supports in its forelegs the lunar orb and crescent (Aah), in its posterior legs are the plural determinatives and the Neb sign, thus reading Kheperu-Neb-Aah in place Kheperu-Neb-Re. On either side are the solar uraei, below are the eyes of Horus, and the Ankh emblems of life. From the lower bar, of contiguous bosses of different colours, pend lotus flowers, poppy heads with concentric circles attached to their stems, and papyrus corollae to their ends.

On the back of the solar uraei are two sets of six eyelets for suspension.

The ornament has been much damaged.

For materials employed see note A. L.

The counterpoise or clasp of this ornamentation is probably 267, E.

Card no. 267n-1 relating to Carter no. 267n
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