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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 271

Handlist description: Ornamental casket

Card/Transcription No.: 271-3

271 continued 3

was fastened down with cord tied to the knobs (ivory) upon the lid and front of the box. The cord was sealed with two clay seals bearing the following devices: <> lion <> King with two crowns of Up. & Low. Eg. Hawk headed with <> crown See 271 & 283 (found broken)

For contents of the box see 271 A-H, which do not appear to have belonged to it, but were put there by the officials of the Necropolis when clearing up the mess after the tomb-thieves.

REMARKS: Lying on the floor of the chamber, before the box, were a number of short lengths of pith such as might have been used for packing the vases. Some remnants of fine linen were hanging from the partially open lid. The box was found in a precarious condition - its ivory rails and styles fallen on every side. Now mended with glue and waxed.

Card no. 271-3 relating to Carter no. 271
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