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Carter No.: 273

Handlist description: Model boat

Card/Transcription No.: 273-2

273 (continued) 2

On the starboard are four holes, and on the portside two holes, but they do not seem to have anything to do with the construction of the boat, further than (?)accidental holes made in the wood the boat is carved out of.

It shows a bulwark of 1. cent in depth, with main deck or rowing space of 54 cents. in length.

At the stern the steering gear comprises two long bladed paddles which operate in upright crutches and cross-supports; they are tied to the crutches by means of string.

DECORATION: Coloured yellow ochre; bow and stern pieces orpiment (canary) yellow. Bows white: port and starboard sides feather patterns ending in chequer patterns with green band between Stern white: port and starboard sides as bows. Screens of 'look-outs', a central door with chequer panels on either side. Steering paddles: blades white topped with red and tipped with black, the shafts orpiment (canary) yellow.

Cabin: port and starboard sides, has pair of doors (side by side) and four windows; cavetto

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