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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 276

Handlist description: Model ship with rigging and sails

Card/Transcription No.: 276-2

276 (Continued) 2

Pavilion on forecastle: a gilded shrine-shaped open pavilion; roof supported by four columns with inverted lotus capitals; fretwork sides of king as sphinx, the prenomen and nomen of the king. Pavilion on poop: similar to forecastle; fretwork sides in the form of a bull.

Stern steering gear: two long steering paddles which operate on upright crutches, and cross-beams which form part of the overhanging deck of the poop. The paddles tied with cord to the upright crutches. The broad fish-tail-shaped stern forms a kind of wide stern-deck. Bottom of ship rounded. DECORATION: Coloured yellow ochre; stem orpiment (canary) yellow; bows and stern white, ornamented with lotus, marguerite, and cheque device; the pavilions guilt; the staircase painted white and green; the central cabin, a cavetto cornice, outer walls covered with chequer pattern with dado; roof white. No door or window. Paddles: broad blades white tipped with black; shafts orpiment yellow, topped with human heads.

Card no. 276-2 relating to Carter no. 276
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