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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 284

Handlist description: Model boat

Card/Transcription No.: 284-2

284 (continued) 2

It shows a bulwark of 1.5 cents. in depth, showing a deck or rowing space of 62 cents. in length.

At the stern the steering gear comprises a platform, two long broad bladed paddles which operate in upright crutches and cross-supports forming part of the platform; they are tied to the crutches by means of string. DECORATION: Coloured yellow ochre; bow and stern pieces, orpiment (canary) yellow. Bow white: Starboard (right) heads of Amen and Herakhti on pylons, with behind the King as sphinx crushing African foe; portside (left) Amen, Mentu, and Horus on pylons, with King as sphinx crushing African foe; after an interval a broad band of chequer pattern. Stern white: Portside (right) three Mentu warriors slaying African and Asiatic foes, the figure of Truth behind; starboard side (left) similar scene; after an interval a broad band of chequer pattern. Screens of 'look-outs': Four panels of chequer pattern. Steering paddles: Portside, white with reddish shaft; starboard side, white blade tipped with black band, topped with red band, the shaft orpiment (canary) yellow..

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