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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 284

Handlist description: Model boat

Card/Transcription No.: 284-4

284 Boat - Lucas Notes

Painted. Colours: - White, Blue, Green, Canary Yellow, Brownish Yellow, Red and Black. No varnish. Much disfigured by fungus growths, now dead and dry which were chiefly on the brownish-yellow paint and the white paint - considerable amount on brownish-yellow and less on white. None on the canary yellow and very little (practically none) on blue, green, red and black. The canary yellow has the appearance of orpiment and the absence of fungus would support this as probably orpiment (sulphide or arsenic) is poisonous to fungi. Blue Pigment: Analysed specimen. Is artificial frit. Canary Yellow Pigment Analysed specimen. Is natural sulphide of arsenic i.e. orpiment. Treatment: Brushed carefully with dry brush. Cleaned with benzine and soft brush. Paint found to be stained under fungus. Treated string on steering paddles with Duroprene solution. Treated painted surfaces with celluloid solution to fix the paint.

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