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Carter No.: 287

Handlist description: Model boat

Card/Transcription No.: 287-1

287. MODEL BOAT. (See 284, 306, 314, 273, 310, 309) 1

POSITION: S.W. corner of chamber; resting on chest No. 283; bow towards west; boat No. 285 was resting on it and hence crushed the cabin.

DIMENSIONS: L. overall (i.e., the longer axis of the boat) 93.4; Max. beam 18; Max. depth 10, cents.

DESCRIPTION: Carvel built; high stem and stern; steering paddles; central cabin; fore and aft 'look-outs' upon platforms - (i.e. over hanging forecastle and poop decks). Carved out of a log of wood; shaped and planed with an adze; the stem and stern pieces of separate pieces of wood.

It represents a carvel built boat, slight keel, the two ends rising in a curved line which ends in blunt points. <>

The ends, stem and stern, form keel pieces which gradually meet into the rounded bottom of the boat.

Card no. 287-1 relating to Carter no. 287
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