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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 253

Handlist description: First (outermost) coffin

Card/Transcription No.: 253-01


POSITION: In situ. In sarcophagus, resting upon a bed-like bier (253a), head towards west. Orientation:

DIMENSIONS: Max. L. 223.5 (7'4"); Max. W. 83.8 (2'9"); Max. H. at feet, 108.5 (3' 6 3/4")

DESCRIPTION: A heavy wooden anthropoid coffin, of Osiride form, covered with gesso and gilt with thin gold-foil. Lid = The headdress is of the pleated linen type (suggestive of the <> (h3t) headdress (cf Lacau, Sarcophages, Pl. LIV, 419.)) which partially covers a ceremonial wig. The ends of the wig are bare and are represented in high relief falling over the front of the shoulders. The linen headdress is decorated with a low relief chevron pattern which radiate to the crown of the head. Upon the forehead, in the round, are the emblems: the vulture of Upper Egypt (Nekhbet), the uraeus of Lower Egypt (Uto). The vulture is covered with thin sheet gold, having a bill of ebony and eyes of obsidian.

Card no. 253-01 relating to Carter no. 253
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