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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
The Howard Carter Archives
Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 253

Handlist description: First (outermost) coffin

Card/Transcription No.: 253-02

253 Continued

The uraeus is of heavy bronze covered with thin gold and inlaid with coloured glass (red, turquoise and lapis lazuli colour). The head is of fine dark blue faience, the eye of (?)fibrous calcite.x The face, finely modelled in the round, is of thick sheet gold, having inlaid eyes of opaque white calcite with pupils of obsidian, the eyebrows and eyelids of lapis lazuli coloured glass. The osiride beard is of wood covered with gesso and gold and its detail represents plaited hair. x Around the emblems upon forehead was a floral wreath (see P.E.N. note). A Collarette around the neck and covering chest is modelled in low relief. It comprises eight conventional rows of beads with a margin of pendants. The arms are flexed across the breast, in low relief, the closed hands are modelled in the round and are covered with thick sheet gold. Bracelets are represented upon the wrist. The hands hold the insignia of Osiris - the Flail and the Crook - in the R. hand the flail, in the left hand the crook. The flail is of wood covered with gold - the handle inlaid with blue faience, the thongs ornamented with glass and faience beads.

Card no. 253-02 relating to Carter no. 253
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