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Carter No.: 255

Handlist description: Third (innermost) coffin of gold

Card/Transcription No.: 255-06

No 255. Third (Innermost) Coffin of Gold. 6.

Remarks. Collarette When the coffin was discovered a collarette of real flowers intermingled with faience beads, sewn to a sheet of papyrus, was attached to the headdress by cords, passed under the beard and covered the lower part of the ears and chest. (See No 255A). Linen Cloth Over the headdress and tucked between it and the sides of the second coffin was a linen cloth (See No 255A). Shroud. Covering the whole of the body of the coffin from the neck to the feet inclusive was a thick warmish-coloured linen shroud tightly stretched and tucked in round the ends and sides. (See No 255B). Pitch-like Material When the linen covering and the collarette were removed the coffin was found to be covered with a thick black pitch-like layer which extended from the hands down to the ankles. This was obviously an anointing liquid (see separate chemical note) which had been poured over the coffin during the burial ceremony and in great quantity (some two buckets full). This liquid had filled in the whole of the space

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