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Carter No.: 255

Handlist description: Third (innermost) coffin of gold

Card/Transcription No.: 255-07

No 255. Third (Innermost) Coffin of Gold. 7.

between the shells of the two coffins (Second & Third) which when dried consolidated and caused them to stick firmly together. This liquid reached nearly to the height of the upper edge of the third gold coffin. The chemical changes which took place in this material caused corrosion of certain of the glass incrustations upon the coffin. Treatment. This pitch-like material hardened by age had to be removed by means of hammering, solvents and heat, while the shells of the coffins were loosened from one another and extricated by means of great heat; the interior being temporarily protected during the process by zinc plates - the temperature employed though necessarily below the melting point of zinc was several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. After the inner coffin was extricated it had to be again treated with heat and solvents before the material could be completely removed.

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