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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
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Photographs by Harry Burton
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Carter No.: 266g

Handlist description: Four miniature gold coffins

Card/Transcription No.: 266g-2


POSITION:- In N. E. receptacle (i.e. the hollow which takes the place of the NEITH, DUA-MUTEF canopic jar) DIMENSIONS:- Max. L. 39 cents.

DESCRIPTION: - Was tied with a piece of twisted linen at the neck and ankles. Was wrapped in linen; stood upright, facing west. Unguent poured over it. Beaten gold, inlaid with coloured glass and carnelian - the glass being of lapis lazuli and turquoise colour; the carnelian is clear in colour and has a red pigment - to enrich its colour. Headdress of nemes form; Nekhebet & Buto insignia on forehead; beard; the crozier-sceptre & flagellum in hands; two small bead necklaces and usekh-collar round throat & over chest; the upper part of the body enclasped the wings of the Nekhebet and Buto vulture, the bodies of the birds being on the lower sides of the coffin; the rest of the decoration being feathered (Rishi) ornament. An inscription down the front of the coffin ending at the toes (see copy attached)

Card no. 266g-2 relating to Carter no. 266g
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