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Corpus of Transcribed Hieratic Documents in the Griffith Institute Archive

The Archive of the Griffith Institute contains papers of several outstanding hieratic scholars of the past, in particular those of Jaroslav Černý (1898-1970). In 1988 A checklist of transcribed hieratic documents in the papers of Professor Jaroslav Černý at the Griffith Institute was published. To quote from its Introduction, its purpose was "to indicate which hieratic texts, mostly on papyri and ostraca, are transcribed in [his] papers ... and to provide an easy way of locating them." The Checklist showed that the considerable time spent on its preparation had been fully justified and that a list containing references to other transcriptions from hieratic in the Archive would be of even greater value.

Copies and transcriptions of hieratic graffiti (e.g. in Theban tombs or in the Valley of the Kings), have not been included, although many can be found in the papers of Černý (and also of Howard Carter, not quoted here at all). We have felt that this is a special category of inscriptions which deserves a list of its own, although the compilation of such is not currently proposed.

This online Corpus is the current version and supersedes the earlier printed editions (see OEB 32681 and OEB 32682).

A checklist of transcribed hieratic documents in the archive of the Griffith Institute (1991),
compiled by Jaromir Malek & Diana Magee | Online presentation (2001), Jaromir Malek