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Opet Festival in Luxor Temple
Carter drawing

Gardiner MSS 11.2
Carter drawing - sample

Opet Festival photos and drawings

Gardiner MSS 11
photographs layered with drawings

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Howard Carter's drawing of The Festival Procession of Opet

These drawings by Howard Carter show the Festival Procession of Opet in the Luxor Temple. They were commissioned by Alan H. Gardiner, and this series of ink and pencil line-drawings were created by Carter during 1916-17, but were never completed by him and were left unpublished until their presentation here. The images are of the reliefs in the Colonnade Hall and are composed from accurate scale drawings which we have digitally joined together below.

Reconstruction of the West Wall

Griffith Institute Archive, Gardiner MSS. 11.1-7 (Howard Carter drawings)
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