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Griffith Institute w&d 148 | Sitkheperka, daughter of Djehutihotep

Griffith Institute Watercolour 148
Griffith Institute w&d 148
© Griffith Institute Watercolours & Drawings Project

Artist Marcus W. Blackden.

Date 1891, probably.

Deir el-Bersha.
Tomb of Djehutihotep. Temp. Sesostris II and Sesostris III.
Hall (Inner Room). East wall.

Upper part of Sitkheperka, daughter of Djehutihotep.
From scene: Djehutihotep with female relatives.

Technical data
334 mm x 312 mm.
Signature on watercolour,
'M. W. Blackden.'
Mount, recto,
'Catalogue p. 13'; 'El-Bersheh Pt I. Frontispiece'; 'Tahutihotep's daughter - bead pectoral - smellin[g] a lotus.'.
Mount, verso,
'El Bersheh, 1891'; 'Tomb of Tahutihotep'; 'El-Bersheh I, frontispiece.'; 'IV. 180. (20) - (21)'; 'By M. W. Blackden'; 'No 50 El Bersheh'; '23 x 18 3/8' [three eighths of an inch].

Griffith Institute w&d

See PM iv.180(20)-(21) | TopBib 409-060-010-020; GI w&d Deir el-Bersha Project; Newberry, P. E. El Bersheh i [1894], 36 frontispiece pls. xxiv, xxix.

This facsimile by Marcus W. Blackden serves as the frontispiece to the Egypt Exploration Fund's special publication El Bersheh Part 1 by Percy E. Newberry (see also plates xxiv and xxix). It is taken from the combined fourth to sixth registers of the left-hand side of the right hand wall of the Hall (Inner Chamber) and shows Sitkheperka, one of Djehutihotep's daughters, from a procession of the tomb owner's female relations. Sitkheperka smells a waterlily flower (Nymphaea caerulea) which she holds in her left hand whilst she observes her father's gardeners, farmers and artisans at work on the estate. Sitkheperka's hair is gathered up on the right side of her head into the lock, signifying youth, and she wears a head band of waterlily flowers tied at the back and with one long and one short end of the band trailing downwards. She wears a pectoral decorated with a double uraeus motif on her breast, as well as elaborate bracelets.

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